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New Age Old Ways (Chapter 1)


New Age Old Ways Comic Book : Chapter 1 (physical copy)

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Purchase the physical copy of New Age Old Ways: Chapter 1 (comic book, 16 pages) written by Peter Lin and illustrated by Kelly Lin.

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Even with the changing landscape of New York City in the year 2067, Peter Lin and his TNT Quartet is still determined to dedicate their lives to playing ‘jazz’ music. To them, it’s a way of life, to others, it’s an ancient genre.

Wishing to be a respected musician, Peter blindly chases his passion through heated performances and frenzied composing, deteriorating his relationships with everyone around him. Carrying his burdens to his weekly stint at the local club, he selfishly plays for an indifferent audience. To add to his frustration, a mysterious older man annoyingly attempts to address Peter’s attitude every night. Will Peter succumb to the noise around him or will he be able to create triumphant music?

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