Peter Lin | The Lintet

Hanger & Nishiyama Big Band

Hanger/Nishiyama Big Band


Gideon Forbes,
Alex De Lazzari,
Tim Murphy,
Skyler Hagner

Fareed Simpson Hankins (lead),
Rafael castillo-halvorssen,
Jonny Gittings,
Andrew Wagner

Stephen Justice,
Peter Lin,
Caleb Rumley,
Tim Newman (bass)

Dave D’Arville
Piano: TBA
Bass: Corentine Le Hir
Drums: Colleen Clark

The Hagner/Nishiyama Big Band is a 17-piece jazz large ensemble led by 
Skyler Hagner and Yu Nishiyama. The big band plays a wide variety of styles 
and features original compositions by Skyler, a member of the BMI Jazz 
Composer’s Workshop, and Yu, who is a winner of the ASCAP Herb Alpert Young 
Jazz Composer’s Award in 2019. The Hagner/Nishiyama Big Band is part of the 
contemporary jazz large ensemble scene in New York, with their music 
pulling from a wide variety of influences including Japanese culture, 
classical music, and free improvisation, among others.