Peter Lin | The Lintet

RELEASE DATE: Friday, April 5, 2019

Trombonist Peter Lin’s self-release New Age, Old Ways is a representation of his musical experiences with the TNT Quartet. The TNT Quartet, an acronym for ‘trombone n’ tenor’, features veteran saxophonist JD Allen (courtesy of HighNote Records) and his hard-swinging, energy-driven rhythm section: drummer Nic Cacioppo and bassist Ian Kenselaar. Drawing from inspiration of his personal life experiences, the repertoire serves as a spotlight on Peter Lin’s eight fresh and original compositions. Lin’s new album provides plenty of room for improvisational exploration in this chord-less setup. In addition to the music, there is an original comic book that accompanies the music illustrated by Kelly Lin.

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Peter Lin, trombone
JD Allen*, tenor sax
Ian Kenselaar, bass
Nic Cacioppo, drums

*Appears courtesy of HighNote Records

Track Listing:

1. A Path to Understanding  4:40
2. Celestial Being  5:34
3. New Age Old Ways  7:01
4. Akong  5:53
5. Song of the Amis  5:21
6. TNT Theme  5:53
7. Red Label  7:30
8. Mantis Shrimp  4:49